Saintly Heart is a young Christian company striving to bring the lives of Jesus and the Saints closer to the hearts of dear ones. Saintly Heart peg saints are hand-painted on natural wood. They have been found in homes internationally (6 countries to date) and have been used as miniature statues, prayer aides, Christian toys and manipulatives, as well as religious decorations for the young and old.

Meet the folks behind Saintly Heart:

Maggie J, Creative Artist, Author, Social Media

She’s the hands behind the hand-painted Saintly Heart wooden peg saints. She coauthored The Encyclopedia of Peg Saints book which features 36+Saintly Heart peg saints and fun facts about the saints’ lives.

Maggie’s a Catholic wife (to Michael) and mother striving for holiness. Maggie’s Confirmation saint is St. Teresa of Avila. A speech pathologist by trade, Maggie knows the importance of using tangible objects and color to best teach and engage young minds. She loves spending time with her family, she loves Jesus, and loves to travel!

Michael J, Web and Graphic Designer, Social Media

He’s the web and graphic designer behind all things Saintly Heart. He’s also the design guru behind The Encyclopedia of Peg Saints book.

Michael’s a humble Catholic man seeking holiness with patience and joy. His Confirmation saint is St. Michael the Archangel. He has a missionary heart and is always willing to serve others. He loves hanging out with his family, playing music (guitar and piano), taking pictures, cooking, traveling and above all loves Jesus!